Why Everyone Should Experience the Sensation of ‘Floating’

Yesterday I was lucky enough to enjoy my first experience of ‘floating’ in a personal Dreampod flotation tank. Now I don’t know about you but when I have heard about such experiences over the years I conjured up in my mind’s eye visions of a huge, deep vat of water in which I could potentially drown! Nothing could be further from the truth as there is only about 12 inches of water which is 34 degrees, around body temperature, and it is filled with loads of Epsom salts which create the buoyancy which allows everyone to float in comfort. Just to say this is not a scientific report so I don’t know exactly how much salt goes in or the maximum weight it can support. I also don’t know if a 6 foot 6 man can float without getting wedged in the pod but I will be sure to ask next time! I just want to share my experience with you and shed a bit of light on floating as a welcome addition to my and your personal practice of self-care/ love and wellness since it’s Holistic healing and empowerment potential is so impressive.

Floating is proven to:
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Reduce chronic fatigue caused by insomnia and jet lag.
  • Stimulate creativity.
  • Accelerate mental clarity and learning.
  • Deepen meditation practices.
  • Soothe chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, inflammation and tendonitis.

The pod is not as big as I was expecting. It’s very compact, beautifully shaped and I am greeted by a warm glow of light emanating from within – a la ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ – changing smoothly from green through red and violet well probably all the colours of the rainbow but I only managed to capture red and green – after my float I hasten to add!

After a shower to remove all traces of hair products, perfume, deodrant, body lotions etc. it is time to turn off the room light and pop in the plastic earplugs which are provided for you and surprisingly well fitting and step into the pod for your first feel of the water and the ambience. For the first 10 minutes gentle, soothing music is piped in which weirdly you can hear with your earplugs in and your ears submerged below the water! – and you remain in control of the light at all times and also whether and when you want to lower the lid of the pod to cocoon yourself inside away from all outside influences aka sensory deprivation. That’s the easy part! Getting away from the noise and nonsense in your own head is the challenge and one which some people fail apparently. My lovely host told me about a man who arrived “SO excited” she said  and who couldn’t wait to get into the pod. She thought he was going to really enjoy it so was surprised when he turned up back outside, fully clothed, after only 20 minutes (sessions are normally 60 minutes). When she asked him what was wrong, didn’t he like the experience, was there something she could do? he replied that he hadn’t been able to relax into it as he could only think about what he was going to post on Facebook……! There is a lesson in that for all of us I think!

She also has a regular client who finds floating is beneficial for his ADD. Floating is in fact beneficial in many ways – physical, mental, metaphysical – alleviating chronic pain, re-aligning both mind and body and the deep state of relaxation which can be achieved can increase meditation, manifestation and visualisation. Most people agree that the experience is highly personalised – not difficult to understand since we are all carrying different emotional and other baggage – and can be different every time.

It takes a little bit of getting used to to balance yourself in the water but you find that your body does it naturally for you. My host explained that if you had any problem areas in your body eg. neck and shoulders – which I did! – you would feel discomfort in those areas for around 10 minutes but then it would disappear as your body balances itself differently to the way we hold ourselves and particularly sleep with wonky pillows etc.

Suffice to say those first 10 minutes were excrutiating as I could feel that my head appeared too heavy for my neck to handle. I found that allowing my head to fall further backwards into the water – something I would normally find too scary – actually helped. Your body has a weird knack of moving itself into the most comfortable position for you and when I discussed it afterwards with another couple who were in at the same time as me we all found that we were comfortable in different positions – mostly arms and legs – arms which move from a star position to hugging your arms across your body like a mummy in a tomb! and legs which move from far apart to touching together at the ankles! Our sensory experiences were equally diverse with the gentleman confessing to getting a bit restless and having to move around quite a lot to his girlfriend who said she was zen from beginning to end! My own experience was a variation. I had a quick sensation of panic when I first turned off the light so I turned it back on and I have to confess I couldn’t bring myself to close the lid completely.When I turned the light off I was able to relax and get comfortable. I was aware of different sensations especially your heart beat which seems to get louder and louder and I drifted away to what I thought was a drum beating out a rhythm which drew me toward it……. I experienced a deep calm and really enjoyed the sensation of floating, letting go and feeling supported by the water.

Unfortunately, for some reason I came to with a start and did panic not because I had forgotten where I was but because I put out my hand and the light button was not there as I had turned crossways in the tank during my float. Once I found the button and put the light on I felt I needed to sit up and confess to feeling a bit sick and so decided to get out just before the music came back on signalling the end of the float. I wasn’t disappointed because I felt I had enjoyed a good first experience – they say it’s a bit like Marmite you either love it or hate it! – which I felt was positive and which I would definitely like to experience again.

After a refreshing shower we met up outside for a sweet ginger tea and an evaluation of our experiences some of which I have mentioned above. The couple were headed to Vienna next and left pondering the potential cost of a 60 minute float session in Europe….. that aside they said they would be keen to do it again.

I really enjoyed the experience and will definitely do it again. I think it will take a few sessions, much like anything else, to be able to relax quickly and let go enough to get the maximum personal benefit from the experience. I would recommend everyone to give it a go as the potential benefits are so high although the cost may be prohibitive. People have said that the positive effects they feel as a result of floating stay with them for many days and I certainly still feel more body-balanced and refreshed today – although my neck still aches so I will be off to heat up my trusty neck pillow in the microwave!

Yours in Love and Light xx

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“Double Your Profits” – 4 week Intensive Wedding Planner Business Development course for RAPID Results

So, as a Wedding Planner your Dream is to work with the best clients, attract the highest budgets AND be able to always do your best work right? You are exceptionally good at organising and you’re super ‘artsy crafty’, clients love you – I get it. I’ve met lots of ambitious and aspiring Wedding Planners just like you. You LOVE what you do, you have heaps of Passion and a ton of Purpose BUT and here’s my big Question….

Are YOU making the profit you desire from your work?? Is it totally fulfilling you every day and providing you with all the clients you need and allowing you to do your best/ Dream work??

If your honest answer is “No” to any or all of these questions I would love you to read on and find out how, in just 4 weeks, you can move yourself from “just okay/getting by” to “thriving” in your business and knowing that every new client you sign will bring you closer to your Dream. 

I want YOU to be one of the few Wedding Planners who really thrives and who gets to turn the Dream of being a TOP successful Wedding Planner into reality and FAST.  My NEW ‘jam packed’ (see the Course Overview below!) 4 week Intensive Business Development course will give you ALL the information and guidance you need and is personally written by me based on all my own trials and tribulations which you might have read about if you have a copy of my #1 bestselling book “Start Up and Run Your Own Successful Wedding Planner Business”. If not you can get your own copy here

This NEW 4 week Intensive ‘self-study’ “Double Your Profits” Wedding Planner Business Development Course for RAPID results, is the MOST comprehensive, jam packed with information and ‘added value’ training resource which I have ever created AND it also includes personal email support from me.

I want EVERY aspiring wedding planner out there who wants to build a professional, sustainable and “thriving” wedding planning business to be able to access this course  That is why I am offering it at the amazingly low sounding but extremely ‘high content value’ price of just £1100.00.

Take a look at this Course Overview and you will see just how comprehensive it is. There’s a lot of valuable information and insight packed in to these 3 Modules + you will get personal email support from me to answer all your questions and guide you through your learning and assimilation:

Module 1 ‘ The Business of Being a Wedding Planner.’

Unit 1 Niche, Services and Pricing – Identifying your Ideal clients

Unit 2 Attracting your Ideal Clients – Marketing and Selling 

Unit 3 Creating Your Personal Brand – your Mission, values & Code of Ethics 

Unit 4 Working for yourself vs. working for some one else; Managing clients – Systems and procedures; Role of in house co-ordinators/ big agencies

Module 2 Business Start Up.

Unit 1 Choosing a name, creating your Brand, logo and website design – logos, fonts etc. 

Unit 2 Your Ideal Clients and your website content 

Unit 3 Social Media platforms and your Blog 

Unit 4 PR & Marketing your Business – media on and offline; Customer Service and how to add value

Module 3 Business Development Training.

Unit 1 Write your Business Plan; Create your website and business cards 

Unit 2 Set up your Blog and Social Media platforms; Networking, JVs and Referral systems; Identify and contact your BEST venues and suppliers 

Unit 3 Write your Marketing Plan; Customer service and how to add value; Managing clients – Systems and procedures – review; PR & Marketing your Business – media on and offline

Unit 4 Making Money – wedding fairs, commissions; Developing packages and Upselling; Legal requirements and Insurance; Business templates

I have poured all my years of experience into this NEW 4 week Intensive course “Double Your Profits “ and I want YOU to be one of the few people who will take this opportunity to develop and grow your Wedding Planning Business professionally and to THRIVE as sustainability and longevity are at the heart of the training.

If you like to manage your own learning and want to get RAPID results then you won’t want to pass up this opportunity to get this training for just £1100.00.

You can get started right away and “Double your Profits”. Drop me an email and as soon as payment is made you will receive the entire course, to work through at your own pace PLUS personal email support from me. I can’t wait for you to start chasing down your Dream of being a TOP successful wedding planner!

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“Start Up for Success” – NEW 4 week Intensive Wedding Planner Training Course for RAPID Results

So, you want to be a wedding planner. It’s a good dream to have. You’re good at organising and you’re ‘artsy crafty’ I get it. I’ve met lots of ambitious would be wedding planners just like you. Take a guess how many of them stay around for more than the first year AND, out of that very small number, how many are actually making a profit from their work?? The answer sadly is not many.

I want you to be one of the few who sticks around and who gets to turn your dream of being a successful wedding planner into reality. You can achieve this by taking my NEW ‘jam packed’ (see the Course Overview below!) 4 week Intensive training course which will give you all the information and guidance you need and is personally written by me based on all my own trials and tribulations which you might have read about if you have a copy of my #1 bestselling book “Start Up and Run Your Own Successful Wedding Planner Business”. If not you can get your own copy here

My NEW 4 week Intensive ‘self-study’ “Start Up for Success” wedding planner training course for RAPID results, is the MOST comprehensive, jam packed with information and ‘added value’ training resource which I have ever created AND it also includes personal email support from me.

I want EVERY aspiring wedding planner who desires to run their own professional, sustainable and thriving wedding planning business to be able to access this course  That is why I am offering it at the amazingly low sounding but extremely ‘high content value’ price of just £1100.00. If you set your wedding planning business up following the guidelines which I will share with you you will easily make this money back with the very first client you sign!

Take a look at this Course Overview and you will see just how comprehensive it is. There’s a lot of valuable information and insight packed in to these 3 Modules + personal email support from me:

Module 1 Introduction and ‘Being a Wedding Planner’.

Unit 1 Role of a Wedding Planner and Skills required; What’s your Passion? – Identifying your business/ niche

Unit 2 Introduction to Pinterest etc.- let’s get creative…;Décor and wedding themes; Range of Wedding Planning services, Styles & Pricing

Unit 3 Types of Ceremony and Styles; Introduction to Destination Weddings

Unit 4 The Bridal Party – roles and etiquette

Module 2 ‘The Process’ – How to Design and Plan a Wedding.

Unit 1 The First Meeting with Clients (Initial consultation); Your Contract

Unit 2 Budget Management and keeping records 

Unit 3 Planning Meeting and Wedding Timeline 

Unit 4 Venues and Suppliers – criteria and how to research; Catering – Food & Beverage considerations; Venue types – Marquee weddings; Inspection/ site visits and Questions to ask; Negotiating contracts with venues and suppliers/relationships

Module 3 ‘The Art of Wedding Design’ and ‘The Wedding Day.’

Unit 1 Design Meeting – Concept and layout; Principles of Design, use of colour palettes; Finishing Touches – florals, table top etc.

Unit 2 Wedding Project Management – Production/ Logistics 

Unit 3 Health and Safety/ Insurance/ Legals 

Unit 4 Guest Management ; Table plans; Wedding Day timeline/ Running order/ responsibilities; Emergency kit and Contingency plans

I have poured all my years of experience into this NEW 4 week Intensive course “Start Up for Success “ and I want you to be one of the people who will take this opportunity to set up your new wedding planning business professionally so that you get started in your new career as a wedding planner in the BEST way possible with sustainability and longevity at the heart of the training and at the forefront of your mind.

If you like to manage your own learning and want to get RAPID results then you won’t want to pass up this opportunity to get this course at just £1100.00.

You can get started right away and begin to attract your best clients and do your best/ dream work right from the start. Drop me an email and as soon as payment is made you will receive the entire course to work through at your own pace PLUS personal email support from me. I can’t wait for you to start chasing down your Dream of becoming a TOP successful wedding planner, working with your best clients and doing the work you love!

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5 Simple Strategies Which Will INSTANTLY Transform Your Life & Business.

“We can know others by observing what they choose to nourish in their lives. Do they properly feed and develop their bodies? Do they cultivate their spirits, their intellects, their moral values? Do they nourish and care for those around them? If so, to whom do they devote their energies?”…

The BIG question is: “What do YOU choose to nourish in YOUR Life?” Do you care for your Body, your Soul, your Mind?  Do you care for your Business, your clients, your message which you are sharing with the world AND most importantly your Dreams?

If all of this seems a bit overwhelming or you meet resistance when you try to process it I would suggest that you probably have some blocks and ‘issues’ which may be holding you back. Don’t worry – we all have them! – AND just when you think you’ve dealt with them UP they come again!

I believe that regular Mindset Mastery work along with continual learning and self-development are crucial for growth in both Life and Business. I’m not talking ‘woo woo’ stuff here just regular, consistent practice which will keep you in a state of perfect balance, clarity and focus. ALL of which are essential components for building a healthy life and business from the fundamental base of a healthy body and mind.

Have you ever noticed that when you find that ‘special place’ where you really can release or ‘let go’ blocks simply disappear and you feel a renewal of your creative energy? I certainly have. It is a joy, isn’t it, to suddenly feel less overwhelmed, more at one with yourself and clear-minded. Even if you don’t immediately know what the next right step is you will normally KNOW exactly what you are not going to be doing any more of! which can be a big help.

Q. Wouldn’t it be great to learn techniques which you can apply wherever and whenever you need them to instantly gain this level of inner peace and clarity?

As a trained Holistic practitioner I have always known the benefits of keeping Body, Mind & Soul in check but to really KNOW and understand the importance of ‘balancing Life and Business for Success’ instead of reaching exhaustion and burn out is something I have a strong desire to share. This is why all of my Bespoke ‘1 to 1’ Coaching Programmes are designed and created for sustainability and endurance. Yes I work intensively to help my clients get FAST results but also with the understanding that they are embarking on a Journey and not a race.


I want you to commit to leaving your regular world behind regularly – AT LEAST ONCE PER WEEK – so that you can fully experience and benefit from the practice of ‘honouring’ yourself.

“Body, Mind, Soul and Business” – One doesn’t function without the other. When all are in alignment you will have the strength you need to push forward with confidence and determination along the path which you have chosen and which leads you quickly and sustainably towards realising your BIGGEST dream.

Without a strong Mind and Body it is impossible to sustain a Business or succeed at Entrepreneurship. Without our health we cannot achieve everything we want to do.

I’ve personally found that learning and adopting a regular Yoga and Meditation practice is THE best way to keep me centred and grounded + practising healthy eating and trying to maintain a balance between my business and personal aspirations.  80% of the battle is within your mind so you definitely want to be winning!!

** There are no further 3-day Empowerment Retreats for Women currently scheduled for late 2017/ early 2018 but if you are interested in creating a Bespoke Retreat for yourself and a group of friends drop me an email.


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‘The 4 Keys to Financial Success as a Woman Entrepreneur’

I call them the BIG three M’s – Mindset, Money and Manifestation “but that’s only 3 not 4!” I hear you cry! Yes indeed but read on and discover what the 4th and possibly the most important thing which will help YOU achieve Financial Success and Happiness in your Life and Business really is…. The following ‘4 Keys’ are what you must try to do asap:

#1.‘Take Back Control of your Mind’

You’ve heard the phrase “you are your biggest enemy” right? Well when it comes to Mindset you probably are! We wouldn’t believe all the stuff our mind tells us if it came from someone else BUT when it’s our own monkey mind chattering on negatively in the background we listen, we take note and we let it negatively affect the way we feel and the things which we allow ourselves to do. How many times have you had a great idea and felt really excited to start only to find that as soon as you sit down at your keyboard to write it all up it starts…. “it won’t work”, ” who do you think you are?”, “why will you be able to do this if no-one else has?”, “you’re not even good at this”…. Sound familiar?

You need to take back the power and break through the internal barriers which are holding you back from achieving everything you desire. The good news is that you CAN stop the conflict and self-sabotage which is keeping you from success and getting what you want. You CAN master the negative mind games and open yourself up to receive abundance and prosperity. You CAN change your thoughts and beliefs to change your Life and create the reality you dream of.

It really IS possible to re-programme your Subconscious Mind where all your learned behaviours and beliefs, including your limiting beliefs, are registered having being learnt through repetition and practice over the years in a short space of time. Some powerful methods which work really well and which I want you to try include:

  • Positive Affirmations (Mantras)
  • Visualisation
  • Meditation
  • Willpower & Habit
  • Self-Suggestion


#2. ‘Overcome your Money Blocks and Invite Abundance in to your Life’

Say goodbye to your lack/ scarcity mindset and hello to abundance. Invite it into your life to transform every area for more time, money, clients – whatever it is that you desire.

Setting definite amounts of wealth growth will help you to be more confident about money and wealth. Here is one you can implement straight away:

“Your subconscious mind will not accept a command that is too far removed from your experience. This is why most lottery winners who were poor before they won, go back to becoming poor two to three years later; they have not developed the money consciousness required for them to hold onto it. Wealth can mean different things to different people but if I just use money in this example, set a target to increase your salary by 10% within 1 year, then take firm positive action steps to achieve it, you may well have done it within 6 months. Now increase it again and slowly but surely your subconscious will begin to accept the idea that you are in fact wealthy!” – courtesy of David Dougan.

3. ‘Learn How to Manifest Everything You Desire’

Firstly you need to re-define your definition of Success and Happiness – what it means to you – and then use processes and mantras to positively attract those things. Visualisations AND Pinterest or vision boards are all useful tools which will help you to do this.

Identify your BIG Vision for your future – what it looks like, how it makes you feel and I want you to go ahead and create it right now, however suits you best, but it will work better with pictures that simply resonate with you. Don’t analyse, criticise yourself or even think whilst you’re going through this process. Just ‘go with the flow’ and let your intuition and the Universe do their job. You will probably be surprised at the finished product.

Put your finished board somewhere you will see it every day and continue with daily positive affirmations, visualising everything on your board as if it were already in your life.

4. ‘Create Meaningfulness & Satisfaction in your Life & Business’

Aka Clarity of Purpose. We all need to know WHAT we are doing and WHY whether it’s in business or in every day life. Not everything has to have a Goal or Objective attached to it – although it can be helpful – eg. even on a trip to the supermarket I consider making a shopping list to represent ‘a goal’ after all you don’t want to come back without the main thing you went out to buy!

Attracting real abundance in your Life is about ‘following your bliss’ or whatever gives you joy. I believe that you should do everything from the heart and if your heart’s not in it then you shouldn’t do it! Sounds easy doesn’t it?!

The first thing you need to do is to find your connection, your true purpose and this might take you some time. I believe the Universe has a plan for all of us and that we have to do the legwork and remain committed to our Intentions and our Dreams. I honestly believe that if we put in the work – kind of like an apprenticeship! – we WILL get there but I can’t say how long it will take you all I can do is help and provide all the shortcuts I have learned. My own Dream has been 30 years in the making and I’m not done yet! I am currently waiting for my Dream ‘retreat house’ to find me!

You need to take the time to identify your life’s purpose and create your big WHY so that you can become the YOU you really want to be and the YOU who can achieve all your dreams.

I could literally write a book about this right now it is SO empowering! When your Passion and Creativity collide everything becomes easy! Forget the struggle, the overwhelm and the self-doubting. You are free to go for the Life and Dreams you have wanted for SO long.

If you are ready to live in ‘your Paradise’ and finally be 100% authentically YOU then you have certainly made the right start by contemplating and taking action upon the ‘4 Keys’ I have outlined above.

I really hope you’ve found this insight helpful and that it has left you wanting to learn more about the BIG 3 M’s!

There is no substitute for ‘in person’ teaching so I really hope YOU will JOIN ME for my next 3-day Empowerment Retreat for Women. If you would like to bring a small group of like-minded friends I can create a ‘bespoke’ Retreat JUST for you. Drop me an email 

You may also find a bespoke VIP Day helpful so email me.


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‘Paradise & Me’

Good morning! I’m writing this to you while lying on a sun lounger, by my pool, in the warmth of a blazing sun shining down on me from the bluest cloud-free sky. I am topping up my tan and taking a break from my laptop where I am putting the finishing touches to my upcoming Retreat for Empowered Women in Cambodia in February.

I thought about calling it ‘The 3M’s Retreat’ as I will be teaching Mindset, Money and Manifestation Mastery techniques and strategies to overcome the limiting beliefs, blocks and self-doubt which we all have within us and which hold us back from being the person we truly are.

I also thought about that old song, I’m not sure who sang it or what it was called – but it was definitely a woman! – who sang “I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me”…. and so I thought about calling it the ‘Paradise & Me’ retreat as I want it to provide a time for calm reflection, rejuvenation and re-imagining of how our authentic Life could be. I finally decided to call it ‘Relax, Rejuvenate & Reconnect with Source’ – the source being the real YOU, your authentic self not your ego, your ‘true North’ and the starting point to help you create an abundance of alignment, harmony, balance and clarity in your Life and Business.

You see I’ve been to Paradise and I’ve also been to Me – in fact I’m here now – I live in ‘my Paradise’ and I am also finally free to be Me – 100% authentically. Wouldn’t you like to be able to say that too?? It’s a long road I’m not going to lie but at least you can get started right now and cut the travel time massively if you accept my help. My ‘Dream’ has been some 30 years in the making and I’m not done yet! I’m currently waiting for my Dream ‘retreat house’ to find me!

I believe that everyone should have a Dream – whether it’s big or small – it doesn’t matter how it starts out because it will grow exponentially with your careful nurturing. Honestly? If you put in the work you WILL get there. My advice is to do everything from the heart and relax into it – it’s blissful!

I am so grateful to all the coaches, mentors and people who have helped me to come this far and that I now have this opportunity to share my learning and experience with Women right around the world everything I have learned up to this point so that I can make their journeys to success SO much easier and faster than mine. You can consider me a ‘global empowerment resource for Women with BIG Dreams’!

All I can tell you, by way of encouragement, is that you feel a sense of calm when you finally ‘breakthrough’ as if there is no longer any reason to panic or doubt that you are going to be a success. It’s a happy place to be for sure!

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